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Our Decontamination and Disinfecting Process

The Green Earth commercial disinfecting process is intended to keep your work and home safe from bacteria and viruses. We utilize specialized products, training and equipment, unlike typical cleaning services, to decontaminate your dwellings. Common household cleaners often use dangerous chemicals that can cause skin, eye and respiratory issues. Chemicals in these outdated products have been linked to serious illnesses from repeated exposure. Green Earth Electro-Biocide™ is an EPA registered, safe, and broad-spectrum disinfectant that is capable of fully sanitizing nearly any surface with an effective rate of 99.9999% to deactivate and destroy pathogens without any harmful byproducts.

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For service in Colorado, contact Green Earth at 970-815-1000. For Denver Metro, contact 720-520-2890. For the Dakotas, Wyoming, New Mexico, or Texas, contact Titan at 844-998-4826.

High Efficiency Disinfectant Spraying

Green Earth Electro-Biocide™ is specifically designed for use in our various sprayers and misting devices. These devices are designed and or retrofitted by Green Earth and provide high-efficiency spraying to ensure precise and focused application to essential areas. This process is cost effective and targets high traffic areas down to the smallest crevices that could be harboring life-threatening bacteria, viruses, or pathogens. This process is designed for maximum coverage of your space and helps promote safety among your staff and consumers.

Essential Disinfectant Preparation and Wipe Down

In preparation for the decontamination process, areas must be free of clutter and debris. A careful and complete wipe down of all “high touch” surfaces that are heavily soiled prior to spraying is essential for maximum efficacy. Green Earth will help you prepare your workspace before we apply Green Earth Electro-Biocide™.

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