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Green Earth strives to help keep your business, your employees and your customers safe.

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Why Choose Electro-Biocide?

The standard has changed. Electro-Biocide™ is the industry leader in maintaining the highest level of sanitary standards in your working environment. Whereas the majority of conventional disinfectants advertise a kill-rate of 99.9%, Electro-Biocide™ maintains a kill-rate of 99.9999%. In other words, when a conventional disinfectant advertised to remove 99.9% of bacteria is used to treat an area with 1,000,000 parts of bacteria, after treating with the conventional disinfectant, 1,000 parts of bacteria would remain. Conversely, if using Electro-Biocide™ to treat the same area, only 1 part of bacteria would remain.

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The Superior Choice

Electro-Biocide™ achieved the lowest possible EPA toxicity level (Category IV) in every category, placing it in the same category as tap water. Electro-Biocide™ poses no inhalation, skin or eye irritation, and is safe to touch. Electro-Biocide™ is safe to use in any environment, poses no adverse health risks, and does not require extended periods of downtime after applying.

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Resists Pathogen Mutation

A lower kill-rate not only leaves more of the problem behind, but the surviving bacteria can reproduce and multiply faster and may even become immune to conventional treatments through mutation cycles. By using a more effective product, not only does the treated area end up cleaner, but less frequent treatments are required. Electro-Biocide™ is safer and more effective.

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Environmentally Friendly

Electro-Biocide™ is a revolutionary, unconventional, safe, Non-Toxic, and environmentally friendly product designed to target pathogenic organisms at the source – not you. Electro-Biocide™ utilizes Chlorine Dioxide (0.02%) as the active ingredient to electro-mechanically attack and destroy pathogens without any harmful byproducts. Electro-Biocide™ is engineered to be an easy to use, single application, solution to a diverse range of contaminants.

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Trusted. Tested. Effective.

Traditional disinfectants utilize harsh chemicals that pose significant health risks, require costly down time, are less effective, and often cause more problems than they solve. Unlike traditional disinfectants, Electro-Biocide™ is safe and effective. When you use Electro-Biocide™ you are not introducing or spreading poisons throughout the affected area.

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